Truefarm Organic Peanut Butter – Crunchy with Jaggery


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A protein-packed excellent spread, rich in various nutrients, offers health-boosting benefits, effectively helps to meet your daily protein intake.
Jaggery peanut butter is not only a good source of vitamins, but it is also great if you’re a fitness freak, gym-goer, or trying to lose weight.
Jaggery peanut butter contains no palm oil, added sugar, salt, flavour preservatives, and has zero transfats to balance hemoglobin levels, which protects against anemia, promotes the feeling of fullness, also, antioxidants present in both help purify the blood
Made up of ground peanuts — often slowly roasted first — blended into a thick paste, and then mixed with organic jaggery powder, helps to balance your appetite and consume limited calories.
Approximately, 540 Non-GMO premium peanuts into each jar of jaggery peanut butter with excellent packaging keeps all the nutrition intact for better metabolism and endurance.
A good source of energy, made with high-quality roasted peanuts and 100% organic jaggery powder added in this spread, helps to energize.

Quantity : 500 g

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Weight 500 g


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