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Snugkins -Newborn Bliss – Reusable, Waterproof & Washable Organic Cloth Diapers (Lion Hearted)


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Contents: Outer Shell (Made of cloud-like soft Minky Fabric) Soaker Pad and Booster Pad (Made of organic cotton) Structure The New Age Bliss contains an outer shell that comes with a pocket. This pocket ha a top and bottom opening that easily fit the soaker. The interior contains 12 layers of GOTS certified organic cotton along with a highly absorbent sheet to always keep your baby’s bum dry. It also has additional 9 layers of organic cotton booster.

CPSIA & GOTS certified. Softer and comfy fabric inside out as compared to regular diapers Smaller in size as compared to new age diapers Outer shell made of cloud-like soft Minky Fabric No leaks, slip-free movement and no elastic marks And, we just love how slim, sleek, convenient to wear and feather-like light this is!


“Your tiny tot should be in the company of everything pure. Therefore, we ensure that our products are made of certified organic cotton.
Our diapers are completely clean! With 0 lead and other phthalates, they will not cause any harm to your baby. Our diapers are one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable products in the market.
We care for the environment and that is why our products are completely washable. Reuse it for years and make sure you get what you paid for!
We do not want your child to sit for long hours in wetness. Our multi-layered pads are highly absorbent and make the baby feel dry and comfortable.
Disposable diapers usually use chemicals that can react negatively with newborn skin giving them rashes. However, our organic materials make sure that your baby’s skin is top priority. Additionally the snug fit and unique design along with triple padding ensures zero leakage!”



Item included in package :

Contains 1 Diaper, 1 Wet-Free Organic Cotton Pad & 1 Booster Pad

Suitable for babies of age group (0-3Months).

Color: orange


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