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  • Introducing the “”Create Your Own Lemon Accessories”” DIY Box, where creativity knows no bounds!
  • This incredible kit provides you with all the materials needed to craft two distinct and delightful accessories: a charming beaded bracelet adorned with delightful lemon charms, and an adorable keychain set, perfect for making, wearing, and carrying your lemon-themed creations.
  • The first activity focuses on crafting the Lemon Wooden Beads Bracelet, using elastic thread, wooden beads, and charming lemon charms. The included easy-to-follow instruction manual will lead them through the process, ensuring a joyful crafting experience. Kids in particular, will find immense joy in creating and flaunting their unique and stylish masterpieces.
  • In the second activity, you’ll delve into the creation of an adorable Lemon themed keychain. With an assortment of elastic thread, wooden beads, lemon charms, a sturdy metal lock, and a soft tassel. The kit’s user-friendly design includes detailed pictorial instruction manual will make the crafting journey process enjoyable and stress-free.
    Let your creativity shine and immerse yourself in the world of lemon-inspired artistry with this amazing set!
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• Bead Bracelet: Wooden Beads, Elastic Thread
• Bead Keychain: Wooden Beads, Elastic Thread, Metal Keychain ring, Thread Tassel.


• Bead Bracelet: 9 wooden beads, 3 wooden charms, 1 elastic thread, 1 instruction manual
• Keychain: 4 wooden beads, 3 wooden charms, 1 elastic thread, 1 metal keyring, 1 tassel, 1 pictorial instruction manual

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