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Original red jasper bracelet for balance, endurance and emotional wellbeing


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Stone for- endurance, nurturing, grounding, balance, stamina, courage, inner strength, good blodd corculation & balanced sexual energy.


Benefits of red jasper: 

  • red jasper is a fiery stone for strength and grounding keeps you rooted in your difficult times. It brings balance to your physical and emotional wellbeing.
  • this powerful red stone comes in bright red to brick red tones with grey flakes in it. It gives stamina and endurance for difficult times of life.
  • regular use of jasper increases focus and grasping power in students and magicians.
  • use it in meditation for inviting endurance in difficult situations and spiritual realm.
  • if you are feeling numb on emotional or sexual front, use red jasper for elevating passion in your life and connected pleasures. As it is the stone of nurturing; helps in mental wellbeing and fertility.
  • jasper helps to bring passion & spark back in your personal and emotional relationships for a fulfilling life. This provides better mental, emotional strength and balance.
  • it is the birth stone for leo, virgo and scorpio. Helps them to keep grounded and protects from emotional traumas caused by unpleasant words of other.
  • clean it with gentle soap and water and charge it in full moon’s light.


Natural, certified red jasper bracelet with deep red, shiny beads, neatly woven, with strong elasticated thread for good grip. These powerful beads has classic look which would compliment your personality. This bracelet comes in an attractive jute string pouch which ensures ecofriendly packaging and care, to keep it safe.


This is handmade, make to order product. Two different pieces would not be identical.

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SIZE : Free/ Streatchable


Note- each crystal or stone has it’s sacred energy. These are precious and consists high energies. Many of these crystals, have extremely strong vibration and magnetic field which protects us from negative energy and connects us with higher channels. The magnetic field and vibration, keeps the mind calm. It provide us strength, happiness, confidence, love and releases anger, hate, fear, greed and grudge from the body and mind.


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