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Herbal Strategi Bed Bug Repellent & Cockroach Repellent



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Pack of 2 – 100 ml Each

A bedbug-infested house is one of the most common complaints that are made to household cleaning services. Bedbugs not only spread infections and cause diseases, but also make a home uncomfortable to live in. Pest control is required to keep the household healthy and completely clean. If you have suffered through an attack of bedbugs in the past, add the Herbal bed bug (khatmal) repellent spray to your usual list of household cleaning products.



This Herbal Bug Spray is made from the below Ingredients: Each 100 ml contains

  • Cymbopogon Citratus * Bhutika Oil – 6 ml,
  • Cedrus deodara *Devadaru Oil – 6 ml,
  • Azardirachta Indica * Nimba Oil – 15 ml,
  • Excipients – QS


How to use:

Remove cap and insert trigger sprayer. Open windows and doors of Bedroom. Spray behind the breeding area of mattress (if you notice any silver eggs). In the crevices on all four sides and above and under the cot. Also spray on to the crevices in walls and furniture in the bedroom.

Ensure that the nozzle is kept close to the crevice while spraying so that the area sprayed is wet with Bug spray.Within minutes, you will observe bedbugs coming out of the crevices. Now spray directly on the bedbugs so that they get moist.

The bed bugs will die immediately as their cuticle gets dissolved. The spray will act on all stages of Bedbugs from eggs to fully grown adults. Repeat spray after every 3 – 10 days till such time that no bedbugs comes out of any of the crevices.

When no bedbugs are seen coming out you have been successful in eradicating them from your home.You bedroom can be used immediately as Bugspray is safe, non toxic and eco friendly.


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