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Biovitalia Organics Active Sports | Boost Metabolism | Boost Immune System | Boost Energy | 60 Capsules


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COMPREHENSIVE WELLNESS FUSION: The formulation is a symphony of benefits for active individuals, promoting muscle recovery and sustained energy levels with ginseng, ashwagandha, maca root, Gokhru, spirulina and chlorella.

  • Prepare for or recover from intense workouts efficiently, optimising nutrient absorption for peak performance.
  • The trio of alfalfa, parsley and flaxseed provides an essential mineral blend, elevating overall health and supporting peak physical performance.
  • Boost your immune resilience with the synergistic power of moringa, giloy and green tea defending against common threats and fostering overall wellness.
  • Unleash antioxidant armour with carrot, beetroot, turmeric and ginger, combating oxidative stress for vibrant living.
  • Simultaneously, elevate joint health with fenugreek seed and black pepper, promoting flexibility, while our blend of mint leaves, spinach, basil and papaya fosters digestive harmony, aiding nutrient absorption for holistic well-being. Embrace a comprehensive approach to well-rounded vitality and peak performance.
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