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Made of soft, flexible Bamboo, our tongue scraper gently peels the thin mucus-based layer of debris from the tongue. Being made from Bamboo, it makes the scraper completely compostable post usage.

The tongue undoubtedly is the first line of defense in our immune system.
Scraping or brushing your tongue prevents toxins from being absorbed into your body which in turn will boost your overall immune function.

Comes in a Pack of 4

Our Bamboo Tongue Scraper:
– Boosts your immunity levels and digestive health
– Reduces your risk of oral thrush
– Removes harmful odour-causing build-up
– Reduces the risk of periodontal disease

Benefits of Bamboo:
– BPA Free
– Non-Toxic
– 100% Biodegradable
– Anti-microbial
– Anti-fungal
– Anti-bacterial


How to use?
Start at the back of your tongue working your way towards the opening of your mouth, gently brushing the entire top surface with a complete rinse of water.

No Splinters, We promise!



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