Aventurine prism for joy, fertility and abundance


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Stone for- prosperitry, confidance, fertility, high blood pressure, love, decision making and abundance.


Benefits of aventurine prism: 

  • in italian aventura means ‘great fortune’. It is the stone of prosperity & confidence.
  • channelize harmony, abundance and joy with green aventurine prism. It is a heart chakra stone which rouses the feeling of strong and healthy love.
  • with good fortune this soothe the soul, regulate your energy and keeps your heart open and ready to receive.
  • a powerful positive stone, balances nervous system and helps in fertility issues.
  • aventurine helps lower the blood pressure and regulates the thymus gland. Also an amazing stone for people who are suffering for long illness.
  • it brings mental and emotional healing by occupying a positive space in your mind. It encourages you for more assertive decisions and actions. Helps develop leadership qualities and provide strength for keep going in difficult situations.
  • aventurine helps clear heart chakra, brings love and abundance. Heals old love and relationship problem. If you are facing trust issues aventurine will help you clear old blockages which holds you back.
  • aventurine is the birth stone for cancer and good for aries and leo.
  • cleanse it with water and place in plants & nature to charge.


Natural aventurine prism

Original black tourmaline prism comes with authenticity certificate. The weight and size of each prism could be different due to uncertain size of raw stones. This beautiful black prism comes in an attractive jute string pouch which makes it easy to care & store.

This is handmade, make to order product. Two different pieces would not be identical.




SIZE : Free/ Streatchable

COLOR: Green


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