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Auric Poop Easy Effervescent Tablet


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Auric Poop Easy Effervescent Tablet | 80 Tablets Promoted Healthy Gut, Relieve Constipation, Cleanses Colon | An Ayurvedic Pure Natural Laxative


1. HELPS TO RELIEVE CONSTIPATION: Ease your daily morning poop with Auric Bowel Wellness Tablet. It helps to manage constipation, gas, and indigestion and also, helps to eradicate waste/toxins efficiently. Healthy bowel management requires a regular bowel cleanse and a voluminous elimination schedule. Perfect herbal laxative and a pure digestive remedy

2. SUPPORTS HEALTHY DIGESTION: Auric Bowel Wellness is a time-tested Ayurveda formula to clean and support the entire gastrointestinal tract. It improves digestion, maintains gut health, and helps in the elimination of toxins from the intestines. Ease your bowel movements, keep your digestive tract clean, and strengthen your rectal muscles.

3. POWER OF AYURVEDA HERBS: Made with pure Rasayana formula of Triphala, Isabgol, Castor Oil, and Senna Leaves. Triphala contains Haritaki, Amlaki, and Bibhitaki which help in improving digestion and gut health. Isabgol contains both soluble and insoluble fiber making the stool soft and large triggering the bowel to contract. Castor Oil helps escape painful defecation. Senna leaves help relive constipation

4. HOW TO CONSUME: Add one Auric tablet to lukewarm water. Drink water 30 mins before going to sleep at night. Regular consumption supports healthy digestive functioning. Suitable for all adults above 18 years of age. For best results, use consistently & for overall health benefits. Anyone with constipation, gas, acidity, acid reflux or Dry, hard, lumpy, difficult stools can take Auric Bowel Wellness.

5. GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES: Auric Bowel Wellness Tablet is packed with natural extracts of herbs in its pure, unaltered, 100% veg, natural composition. Manufactured at GMP-certified advanced manufacturing facilities under the careful supervision of qualified and trained staff.

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Product Ingredients 

Triphala: Triphala contains bioactive compounds that stimulate digestive enzymes and support gut microbiota.

Isabgol: Isabgol’s soluble fiber absorbs water, adding bulk to stool and promoting easier elimination.

Castor Oil: Castor oil’s ricinoleic acid promotes smooth muscle contraction in the intestines, aiding defecation. Senna Leaves: Have compounds called sennosides that increase intestinal contractions and relieve constipation.

Honey: Honey’s natural sugars and enzymes stimulate bowel movements and enhance digestive processes. The soothing Lemon flavour adds an enjoyable twist to your experience.

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