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Aesthetic Living English Lavender Essential Oil

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Aesthetic Living Pure Lavender Essential Oil is Steam Distilled from premium quality Lavender flowers and leaves. English Lavender has De-stressing Aroma which helps you relax and calms your mind. It works wonder in insomnia or Sleep Anxiety issues. Used for Brightening Skin.

Add in your favorite Coconut Oil for Champi, gives Smooth, Manageable Hair, which you have always wanted. It helps in reducing feelings like anxiety and tension, Soothes skin, Promotes relaxation and sleep, Add on to shampoo for healthy and thick hair, Aromatherapy oil for calmness.



How to Use: 

• For detoxification : Add 1 drop of the oil to 3-4 drops of a carrier oil (like Jojoba/Avocado/Argan) and massage your face.
• Against Fine lines : Mix 1-2 drops of the oil to 3-4 drops of a carrier oil (like Jojoba/Avocado/Argan oil) and massage your face before going to bed.


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How to use: 

To induce sleep: Dab a drop or two around your neck or sprinkle a few drops on your pillow before going to bed. You can also use it in your diffuser half an hour prior to your bedtime.
For relieving anxiety: Draw a hot water bath and add a couple of drops of the oil. Take a relaxing bath. You may also add it to your diffuser.”


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