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Prebiotic Restorative Ageless Elixir (PM)- 30 ml

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The skin, just like us, restores and rejuvenates during the night. This time is mostly allocated to skin cell renewal and repair. This fast-absorbing night cream is formulated to build collagen, elastin and deeply hydrate to minimize wrinkles and tighten facial contours. It is designed to maintain a balanced microbiome for an ageless look, as you sleep. KWEH’s versatile formula acts as your serum, moisturizer and age-protect essence. Wake up to skin so smooth and relaxed, your days will now be stress-free, just like your skin !!


1. When should I use the night cream?
The Night Elixir is formulated to restore and revive your skin’s health and balance as you and your skin rests through the night.

2. Can I use the same cream night & day?
Our Elixirs have been crafted to help your skin and skin’s health with the fact in mind that it goes through different challenges and conditions through the day, and it faces different situations and environments through the night. Use the AM and PM Elixirs through the day and night seperately and let your skin become its best self.

3. How long will the elixir last?
You may follow the directions provided on the product. Depending on the size of the product, you may use the recommended amount conscientiously, which will last you for a month.

4. Won’t the night cream smear all over my pillow?
KWEH Night Elixir is made to perfectly match the needs your skin requires specially during the night time. Our quick absorption formula allows deep hydration and settles onto your skin right away.

5. Does the elixir double as a foundation?
No. KWEH is an absolute skincare product that is exclusively curated to protect and revive your skin and foster to its health.


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KWEH is India’s first microbiome-friendly skincare brand. Proudly, there are only a handful of such pioneers globally. Like any other organ needs the right nutrients and nourishment to stay healthy, our skin does too. Unlike the predominant narratives, our skin is not a testament of beauty or confidence, it is a testament of health and being well. Within a short time of its inception, KWEH has not only managed to make place in the abodes of a diverse mix of individuals but has also received appreciation from the best in the skincare industry. As a brand that stands for diversity, honesty, transparency and science; KWEH is bringing together the best of all worlds for its KWEHnians.




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