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Geosmin Copper Tongue Cleaner

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This is the highest quality tongue scraper on the market today: 100% Copper, rounded and smoothed edges to prevent cuts, and thick durable handles. This tongue scraper is built to last and we’re positive you’ll have a great experience with it.


Metal tongue scrapers have been traditionally used all across the world for centuries they are far more effective and hygienic than plastic ones.
Copper Carved handles to ensure bacteria-free surface – No synthetic coverings for Grips.


  • Made from superior Copper – Non-toxic and Sterilization – Comfort Grip
  • Flexible, non-gagging design with optimal length – enables cleaning of the entire tongue length
  • Suitable tool for plaque removal, bad breath and to restore oral hygiene or taste sensation


Size: Approx 5.5 inches/13.5 cm tall. Made in India.


NOTE : Use it in the presence of an Adult , Stop immediately if you feel uncomfortable while using product”


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