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Makhana Benefits, Nutritional Facts and More

Snacks don’t always mean junk. We have many more other nutritious options and that too with the pleasure of our taste buds. Makhana is one such example. It can be healthy, tasty and spicy at the same time. We will read more about makhana benefits in this article. First, let’s get familiar with what makhana is.

What is Makhana?

Mainly makhana or fox nut is an edible seed derived from water lily plant. The binomial name of makhana is Euryale Ferox. It grows mainly in southern and Eastern Asia and commonly known as gorgon nut or fox nut. The seeds become edible when they are dried. Now, almost 90% of the world’s makhana is cultivated in the Indian state of Bihar. Mithila region of Bihar is famous for makhana production; even the Government of India has awarded Bihar with GI (Geographical Indication) tag for makhana. So, don’t forget to check behind the packet when you are buying if it is 100% organic and authentic makhana or not.
Now, it is time to know more about makhana benefits

10 Amazing Makhana Benefits

Makhana for weight loss

Makhana is a super food to speed up the makhana weight loss process as it is loaded with 16 amino acids that increase metabolism and fat burning process. Plus it is rich in protein which promotes hunger satiation, keeping you fuller for longer time. Makhana carries a minimum amount of calories and saturated fat.So, it can be an excellent addition to your diet whether in breakfast or as an evening snack.

Regulates proper digestion

For a smooth bowel movement, our body needs a good amount of fiber and makhanas can be a super option to include in our daily diet. So, don’t think twice while you are with a bowl full of makhanas, just grab it!

Get the stronger bone with makhanas

Do you know 100 grams of makhana can give you 60 mg of calcium, the key component for our bone health? So it is a suitable food for everybody irrespective of their sex and age.

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Stops the aging process and detoxifies the body

Makhanas contain flavonoids, a kind of antioxidants. It helps to combat free radicals subsequently, slows down the aging process. Kaempferol is found in makhana to fight against inflammation. So, Makhanas can be a good solution against wrinkles, fine lines and premature graying of hair. Moreover makhanas are full of antioxidants. It detoxifies and cleanses the liver and spleen to flush out all the toxins from our body.

Fights kidney problems

One of the makhana benefits include its potentiality to fight against kidney problems. For the properties called astringent, makhanas are good to control blood pressure which leads to the lower risk of kidney malfunction.

Great for heart health

Makhanas contain many micronutrients like potassium and magnesium, which poses goodness to heart health. Magnesium is responsible for good blood flow and oxygen transportation. Plus other phytonutrients like alkaloids, gallic acids and saponins fight against various diseases.

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Stabilizes blood pressure

Daily consumption of makhanas can protect you from blood pressure problems, especially systolic pressure problems. The presence of high potassium and low sodium makes it a suitable food option for people with blood pressure problems.

Prevents arthritis

Long scarcity of calcium can develop bone fractures and arthritis. Makhana has high calcium content. Fox nuts or makhanas can satisfy your calcium needs. It will prevent the bones from becoming fragile and weak.

Makhana benefits for males

For makhanas are helpful to improve fertility. Phool makhanas are considered as natural hydrants resulting in the stickiness of body secretions. The makhana benefits to eke out the semen quality. It reduces other male problems like low sperm production, abnormally shaped sperm and immature sperm release etc.

Makhana benefits for females

Makhanas help in hormonal balance. During menstruation, makhanas try to keep the cramps in check and prevent overeating. It also helps in preventing premenstrual symptoms.

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Apart from the above 10 makhana benefits, you can get much more with makhanas. And there are numerous ways to incorporate makhanas in your diet.

Let’s have a look at the nutritional facts of makhana…

Nutritional Facts of Makhana

(Amount per 100 grams of makhanas)

Protein 9.8 g
Iron 1.4 mg
Calcium 60 mg
Calories 347 kcal
Carbohydrate 77 g
Fats 0.1 g
Fiber 14.5 g

Makhana Side Effects

The side effects of makhanas are very negligible compared to the bunch of makhana benefits. Still, we have to keep some points in mind about the probable negative effects. Have a note…

  • People on medication should consult with doctors
  • Some people may face allergies and gastrointestinal problems
  • Over consumption may cause constipation and bloating
  • Pregnant women should consult with doctors

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After reading the full article one can raise no doubts about the makhana benefits, and he should be ready at once to include makhanas in daily diet. Trust us; makhanas can be a much healthier choice beating all the junky snacks. Moreover, you can pick any of the flavors from peri peri makhana, chatpata makhana, cheese chili makhana, cream onion makhana, hot barbeque makhana, pudina makhana, and so on.


Of course, makhana is commonly known by various names like fox nuts, phool makhana and gorgon nuts.

Makhanas become edible after a few processes. So, always try to consume organic and hygienic makhanas.

You can have approx 30 grams of makhanas daily.

Roasted makhana benefits our body by improving heart health, bone health, reducing blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol levels.

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