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10 Best Honey Brands in India

Honey, the ‘Golden Liquid’ of nature, is a sweet substance made by the honey bees in their colonies. Bees collect the sugary secretions of plants, also known as nectar and store them in the hives. Bees, within their capacity, refine the nectar through regurgitation and enzymatic activity. The water in it gets evaporated and the sugary part is left as a thick and viscous liquid.

The formation of organic honey is altogether a normal process. Bees stockpile the pure honey in honeycombs; it could be wild bee colonies or domesticated ones. Human history has traces of the use of honey for various purposes for millennia. Pure honey caters for tons of health benefits. But getting pure raw honey has become a challenge these days. That is why we have brought a list for you of the 10 Best honey brands. Please go through the article!

List of Top 10 honey brands in India

What attracts people to consuming organic honey is its numerous health benefits. It is a natural sweetener that contains monosaccharides fructose and glucose. Though this sweet corner of honey can be a part where you may have given extra attention, its health benefits overpower everything. Keep aside the health advantages, we will discuss this in our article later below. Let’s dive into the sources to reap such benefits i.e. honey brands.

Two Brothers

Two Brothers is a brand that needs no introduction! Customer reviews are the biggest certificate for their authentication. They use neither any artificial flavour nor any kind of adulteration. Their products carry no additives, no synthetic fillers or binders. Two Brothers is a brand that you can rely on against any kind of artificial preservatives. The brand sells only raw honey of 100% natural quality. Two Brothers’ honey varieties consist of Acacia honey, Berry(Ber) Mono-floral honey, Mustard honey, Taramira honey and wild onion honey. You can pick any from these five or rotate your honey container with different flavours.

What’s unique in Two Brothers

  • Unfiltered
  • No artificial flavour
  • Contains flavonoids


Greenseed offers raw honey in three different flavours. These are Kashmir Acacia honey, Basil Honey and Black Forest honey. These brands assure you of their sourcing. Their Kashmir Acacia honey is prepared from the freshly harvested Acacia flowers of the valley. Floral flavour and creamy texture are the features of this honey. And you know, Basil is a good source of antioxidants and antibacterial properties. This dark-coloured liquid can be genuinely a worthy addition to your diet. Lastly, Green Seed’s Black Forest honey has a robust and earthy undertone- suitable to give you a unique flavour from your regular honey.

What’s unique in Greenseed

  • 100% Natural
  • Gluten-free

Nutty Yogi

Nutty Yogi is India’s one of the best honey brands, that offers honey in different flavours. all are packed with natural health benefits this honey brand directly collects the honey from farms not from the factory. This unprocessed and unfiltered honey is NMR tested. NMR test is a powerful analytical tool which is a kind of certification of purity. The key health benefits of Nutty Yogi honey are its richness of antioxidants, minerals and essential nutrients. Buy honey from Nutty Yogi, as it is a natural energy Booster with no artificial colour and flavour. You can use one jar of Nutty Yogi honey, for 12 months from the date of packaging.

What’s unique about Nutty Yogi

  • NMR tested
  • Rich in Antioxidants
  • No artificial colour or flavour

True Farm

True Farm honey brand is well acclaimed in the Indian market, you can buy their organic honey online or offline. Their Organic Wild honey is a piece of gem, which is sourced directly from the apiaries of Jim Corbett Forest. True Farm guarantees you that their organic honey is 100% natural, raw, unpasteurized, unheated and unprocessed. One jar of 500g pure honey from this brand comes at a cost of just 499/-. This is a treasure of antioxidants which work like magic in soothing throats and enhancing sleep quality. It is free from sugar and other preservatives.

What’s unique in True Farm

  • Antimicrobial & Antibacterial
  • Magic for throat & sleep
  • Boosts Athletic Performance
  • Rich in Antioxidants


Aditam is a well-liked pure honey brand that provides wild honey in its raw, and unpasteurized form. It has multiple health benefits, which is the top feature of Aditam honey. One of its unique benefits is that it helps in the eradication of antibiotic-resistant microorganisms. Aditam organic honey contains some bioactive plant chemicals and antioxidants. It comes in a glass jar and the best use of honey may be in the morning with lukewarm water. You can add it to the green tea or can use it as a sweet topping on any of your favourite dishes. You can order this honey online through our e-marketplace, Orgo All-Natural.

What’s unique in Aditam

  • 100% Natural
  • Raw and Unpasteurized
  • Carries no impurity

Kanz and Muhul

Kanz & Muhul is currently India’s one of the best honey brands that comes in some exotic features. It may be something new to the customers. One jar of Kashmir Solai honey can give you a different taste from the regular honey of the market. Their Solai honey is considered the healthiest and most sophisticated one. It is a natural and unheated raw honey that comes directly from the beekeepers of Kashmir.

Honey is a natural cleanser and detoxifier, and Kanz & Muhul is no exception in this aspect. They have two other variants- Kashmir White flower and Kashmir Multi flower honey. Both are equally good.

What’s unique in Kanz & Muhul

  • Comes directly from Kashmir
  • White flower honey is infused with Saffron
  • No Adulteration

Jivika Naturals

Jivika Naturals directly sources their Forest Honey from tribes in Uttarakhand, probably this reason makes this brand a unique one! Jivika Naturals Forest Honey is freshly collected from the farm, bee-made, and all-natural. This brand does not only bring the best honey for you, but they extendedly help the regional farmers in bee cultivation. For every container you buy from Jivika Naturals, this brand contributes ₹5 to the welfare of farmers and forest conservation. With every spoon of this honey, you will contribute to the conservation of bees and farmers’ wellbeing.

What’s unique in Jivika Naturals

  • NMR Passed
  • No added sugars
  • Sourced from tribes in Uttarakhand

Honey and Spice

The best part of Honey and Spice’s honey is their wild honey variants that come in four different flavours in different regions of India. You will be amazed to know that they procure wild honey from the hills of the Himalayas, Central India, South India and Eastern Ghats. Honey and Spice is a one-stop destination for each of these products. But things do not end here. You will get to buy many other variants from this brand. Every jar comes in a quantity of 250g. Their team reaches out to small farmers, tribal harvesters and beekeepers to collect the best product.

What’s unique in Honey and Spice

  • Comes in huge varieties
  • Cruelty-free harvesting
  • Neither add nor remove anything from the honey


Praakritik has three kinds of honey offerings, namely Wild forest honey, Adivasi honey and Acacia honey. And we are sure that in this list one name will catch your attention i.e., Adivasi honey. The honey gets this name after the Adivasi community of Jharkhand which cultivates it.

Wild Forest Honey is made with the nectar from tulsi and other wildflowers found in the Veraval forests of Gujarat. Lastly, Acacia honey is produced from the nectar of the Acacia flower of Kashmir.

All the honey products are obtained from local native tribes, and each bottle has a unique flavour and colour based on the flower that is in bloom at the time of gathering. Buy honey online, using our platform.

What’s unique in Praakritik

  • Forest Honey
  • FSSAI Certified
  • Gluten-Free

Wild Honey Hunters

Wild Honey Hunters has some very rare kinds of honey in their profile. One name will make you feel interested here. That is their Karung (black) Kurinji honey.

It is quite similar to the Neela Kurinji variety and it is one of the rarest types of honey in the world. It is sourced from a shrub that blooms only once in seven years.

This honey brand has many other variants too. All are obtained by local native tribes, and each bottle has a unique flavour and colour based on the flower that is in bloom at the time of gathering.

What’s unique in Wild Honey Hunters

  • Farm-fresh, bee-made, and 100% natural
  • Offers rarest honey variants

Benefits of Using Honey

Honey is such a product that probably needs no introduction especially when the question arises on the health benefits. It is in our culinary and medicinal usage from the times unknown. These golden droplets are unheated, unpasteurized, unprocessed and chemical-free.

Traditionally, pure honey is used to treat various health ailments. There are traces of its uses in the treatment of eye diseases, bronchial asthma, throat infections, tuberculosis, fatigue, dizziness, hepatitis, constipation, worm infestation, piles, eczema, healing of ulcers and as a nutritious supplement.

But it is used to cure such a long list of ailments? The answer is obvious! It is completely rich in micronutrients, they have antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, anti-allergen, anti-anaemic, antimicrobial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Not only that, honey has some minerals and nutrients. The list goes longer to count names like calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and the vitamins C, B2, B3, B5, and B6. Overall, it is a nutritious sugar substitute.


In today’s age of health concerns, finding authentic brands has become a tough one. Here we have tried to put a genuine list of the best honey brands available in India right now. We have covered the features and the product variants of each brand. Hope this will help to make an informed decision. Lastly, we recommend you do your research and collect customer reviews before finally buying. Now, both the offline and online markets are ready to provide you with these products. Here, online shopping has an edge! You can check the details and customers’ purview before buying and also avail the product sitting on your couch! Now it is your turn to click the button.


Yes, honey is a very good option for weight loss. One popular usage of honey is to take after waking up in the morning by mixing in a glass of warm water. The use of honey in teas adds a natural sweetness without using artificial sugars. It has a magical effect as honey has astringent properties which reduces visceral fats from the body. But to accelerate the fat-burning process, pair honey with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Of course, it is safe! Honey makes the process of metabolism faster which is necessary for weight loss. Because honey is a strong antioxidant, consuming it regularly will help you remove numerous pollutants and toxins from your body. Its antimicrobial qualities will also significantly enhance the state of your skin. Skincare specialists opt for use of honey as it is a natural moisturiser.

Honey can be taken in several ways. You can mix it with your black tea or green tea as a substitute for table sugar. Otherwise you can take it along with some ginger juice and black pepper to help relieve cough and throat irritation. Honey in lukewarm water every morning is another popular way to consume. It improves digestion and helps to manage body weight.

No, honey isn't a perishable product. As long as it's stored in an air-tight container and isn't exposed to excess moisture, it will be safe to consume for decades or more. It's important to keep honey clean, though.

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