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Blog » Explore The Health Benefits of Copper Bottles and Copper Vessels

Explore The Health Benefits of Copper Bottles and Copper Vessels

In human history, copper was the first metal used by civilizations for tools, weapons and various artifacts. It has historical evidence of 10,000 years in ancient civilizations like Egypt, Rome, Incas, Aztecs and even India. Indian Ayurveda also mentions the evidence of using copper for various purposes from storing water in copper vessels to drinking water in copper bottles. Ayurveda suggests that copper has a natural antibacterial quality that helps to combat dangerous bacteria, viruses and fungi. And these are the reasons that using copper water bottles is still beneficial even in this modern time.

Water, laced with copper, has antioxidant qualities, naturally strengthens our immune system, improves digestion and plays a role in many more health issues. Sadhguru highlights and encourages the use of pure copper vessels as copper is one of the best conducting metals and water stored in copper vessels gets energized, heading to the most beneficial way of drinking water.

This blog will help you to get the knowledge of using copper vessels or copper bottles and provide 10 benefits related to copper water bottles. We hope you will no longer be willing to use any bottles other than a copper bottle from now on!

What is Copper?

Copper is a chemical element, presented with the symbol, ‘cu’. It is a soft and malleable mineral, involved in many different bodily functions. Different foods like shellfish, nuts, whole grains and leafy vegetables naturally contain small amounts of copper.

Copper is a vital element for human health. It plays a role in the production of red blood cells, making our immune system’s optimal operations and the preserves of strong bones and connective tissues. It is a mineral that is found throughout our body.

Although, our body does not need a large amount of copper but needs the right portion to run all the functions. Copper is an essential element along with zinc and iron for our body. But remember too much copper can be dangerous.

Role of copper utensils in promoting health and wellness

Once, there was a time when copper utensils like copper kadai, copper plates, copper jugs, copper glass and copper water bottles were common in Indian households. These utensils have a long history of use from times unknown for their health benefits. But now stainless steel, glass items and Teflon-coated non-stick have taken the place of copper.

While copper vessels and copper water bottles are important for daily use, copper is equally important for cooking. Even Ayurveda says the ideal metal for cooking rice is copper. Foods prepared in copper vessels automatically help to increase collagen. As a result, this works best for our health, especially for our skin.

Also, copper has a connection to Kapha dosha, something related to coughing, congestion and weight gain. In contrast, copper is associated with sun and fire. It naturally increases heat in our body. So, to reap all the benefits, you can use copper vessels while cooking and can store water in a pure copper bottle overnight and drink it first in the morning.

History of copper vessels and copper bottles

Copper was first used as a cooking tool by the Mesopotamians. It began with the construction of sewage and water pipelines, then moved on to the development of cooking materials. Egyptian civilization also has evidence of copper cookware including knives, plates, trays, pots, and other items. By the end of the 3rd Millennium BC, copper cookware had spread across the eastern world, including China, India, and Turkey.

India has a long and well-established history with copper. India began to use copper as a common metal at the end of the 16th century. People began to replace their clay utensils with metal ones, primarily copperware. Since then, copper has established a permanent home in Indian kitchens.

Since ancient times, the Ayurvedic medical system has promoted copper’s health advantages. Water kept in a copper vessel has the power to balance the body’s three doshas, or vata, kapha, and pita.

How are copper water bottles crafted?

Copper bottles are crafted in several varieties. Most people prefer a plain copper bottle as this one is very convenient to use and wash. Similarly, hammered copper bottles are well-liked by consumers; these reflect style as well.

The majority of copper water bottles are manufactured by Indian artisans by hand. It guarantees the caliber of each item. Every copper water bottle is made from a single layer of food-safe lacquer that is 99% pure certified copper. It protects the surface and adds a deep sheen. The interior is kept unaltered to allow the copper to flavor the water distinctively and healthfully. The threaded copper cap on this copper bottle prevents leaks and ensures that its purity is maintained without the use of plastic.

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About storing water in copper vessels

Research says that storing water in copper vessels rather than any other food items is the ideal application of copper. Copper, as a micronutrient, aids in meeting our body’s nutritional and mineral needs. It is healthy to eat or drink from copper vessels and copper water bottles since they improve digestion and the immune system. It is always recommended in Ayurveda that alkaline water kept in a copper vessel helps to chill the body. Our bodies contain toxins from the food we consume, which eventually can cause an acidic pH. Therefore, to prevent an acidic pH, we should eat alkaline foods. So, storing water in a copper vessel or copper bottle at night and drinking it first thing in the morning is the best option.

Safely and properly drinking water from a copper bottle or copper vessel

Drinking water safely and properly from a copper vessel or copper bottle needs to follow some guidelines. Here are these presented below:

  • Choose an authentic copper vessel for your use. Make sure that the copper vessel you are using to store the water is 100% pure. It will help you to get the optimum result.
  • Only using copper bottles does not end your duty to achieve your health goals. Copper vessels also need proper maintenance and cleaning. You can wash your copper water bottles with lemon and salt. It will help to remove dirt, dust and even oxidation.
  • Always use normal temperature to keep it within. Do not use hot or boiling as it will cause the copper to leach into the water more quickly. Also, the bottle should not be kept in the refrigerator.
  • The ideal time to consume water from a copper bottle is early in the morning, on an empty stomach.
  • Drinking water kept in a copper bottle twice a day is enough for the result. Just drink copper water in the morning and the evening.

Benefits of drinking from copper water bottles and copper vessels

Copper releases some of its ions into water when it is kept in a copper vessel or copper water bottle. It needs 8 hours or more to get the water ionized properly. This phenomenon is known as the oligodynamic effect. Copper naturally possesses antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, and antioxidant effects. These are the qualities that make copper an important mineral for human health. However, the human body cannot produce copper on its own. So we must consume it through food or water. However, copper has numerous other benefits for the body. Here we will mention 10 incredible health advantages of drinking water from a copper bottle.

1. Copper helps to reduce indigestion

According to Ayurveda, copper has a natural ability to eradicate stomach bacteria, because of its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to cleanse and detoxify the stomach. Additionally, copper contains qualities that improve digestion, lessen stomach lining irritation, and promote peristalsis. For indigestion, stomach infections, and stomach ulcers, water kept in a copper vessel or copper bottle is the best remedy!

2. Maintains the body’s temperature and helps to cool it down

The food we eat turns acidic in our stomachs. As a result, it causes the body to release toxins and heat up. In this aspect, copper can be a natural solution! Drinking water from a copper bottle infuses the water with alkali after a few hours of storage. This alkaline water aids in detoxification, acid balancing, and regulating body temperature. Copper water is even more useful during the summertime when the weather tends to make the body heat up.

3. Fights against cancer

Cancer in humans has been mostly caused by free radicals. Since copper is well-known for having antioxidant properties, it naturally neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals in our bodies. Free radicals have detrimental consequences if not treated well. Copper has another role in reducing future chances of cancer. Copper shields our skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Also, copper aids in the formation of melanin.

4. Copper balances Hypertension

In research by the American Cancer Society, copper is believed to lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels in our body. When a person is copper deficient, either hypotension or hypertension develops. In most of the cases, if the copper deficiency occurs in an adult, hypertension results. Thus, trace levels of copper are essential for controlling an individual’s blood pressure. If you are looking for a copper bottle price 1 litre, please visit our online store!

5. Prevents Anemia

Our body needs a few earthly minerals to work properly on! And iron is one of them. It can lead to anemia if our body lacks iron. Copper aids in the body’s absorption of iron and aids in the breakdown of food to produce haemoglobin. Low white blood cell counts are a side effect of uncommon haematological illnesses that can be brought on by a copper deficiency in humans.

6. Copper benefits the cardiovascular system

Copper widens blood arteries to improve heart blood flow as well as helps in removing plaque. Copper shortage can cause the cardiac muscles to malfunction. It can affect blood circulation throughout the body and weaken the heart’s blood pumping. Copper deficiency has a direct link to damage the body’s capacity to react to handle stress. Hence, a tamba water bottle can be a great addition to your health routine.

7. Copper helps in weight loss

Copper has essential elements in breaking down the body’s extra fat deposits. Regular consumption of copper water with chia seeds can lead to weight loss. Even while a person is sleeping, copper keeps the body in a fat-burning state. Here we are to help you in your quest for copper water bottle price. But remember, too much copper may harm their body and not increase fat burning.

8. Slows down the process of ageing

A large number of copper-based cosmetics use copper as an element. Even by the ancient Egyptians, copper was used in beauty products. These days, too, copper is a common ingredient in skincare products. Copper, in addition to being an antioxidant, promotes cell renewal, counteracts the damaging effects of free radicals on the skin, and helps prevent wrinkles and fine lines that come with ageing.

9. Relieves in cold and throat congestion

In the past, people had habits of using copper water to relieve throat congestion. It is good to gargle with water that was kept in a copper bottle or other copper vessel every morning. This is because copper has antibacterial qualities. It was thought that drinking water infused with copper would help relieve congestion in the throat.

10. Copper helps in healing wounds faster

As we all know, copper has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral qualities. These qualities help wounds to heal more quickly. Copper also boosts immunological function and promotes skin regeneration. A daily dose of some little amount of copper can strengthen our healing power naturally.

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What is the taste of water stored in a copper bottle?

Water kept in a copper water bottle or copper container retains its pure, natural taste akin to normal drinking water. It naturally absorbs the flavour of copper and retains the health advantages of copper. It absorbs too little copper to noticeably change the flavour. But now and again when the tongue comes into contact with the bottle while drinking, a tinge of copper can be tasted. This delicate copper infusion gives the water a distinctive touch without overpowering its natural flavour.

Is it possible to store lemon juice or any liquid other than water in a copper bottle?

When storing and drinking water from copper vessels is a broadly recommended health tip but it has some limitations of using copper. There is no problem with natural drinking water but it can be troublesome to keep lemon juice or any other acidic liquid in a copper bottle. Copper and acidic liquids react in a way that might be troublesome for individuals. Copper changes the flavour and raises the toxicity of the liquid. If taken in excess quantities, some even face serious health issues after drinking it.

So, it is always advised to avoid keeping acidic substances like lemon juice in copper vessels. For acidic substances, it would be safer to use materials like glass or stainless steel rather than copper.

How to clean a copper bottle or copper vessel

Copper is a long-lasting material. If you take your copper vessels properly it can go longer, even for generations. However, it does not take any hard process to follow. And there are some simple ways to clean and care for your Tamba vessels. One of them is that you can apply a mixture of vinegar or lemon juice and salt with a cotton cloth and gently rub the outer surface of your copper vessels. This will leave the copper bottle shining. To clean the inside of a copper water bottle, you can shake a mixture of salt and lemon or vinegar inside the bottle and then rinse with clean water. In the old times, people used tamarind and turmeric paste to clean the copper vessels. Lastly, to avoid the stains of water, you just need to properly dry the item and store it in a cool place.


The use of copper water bottles and copper vessels dates back thousands of years ago. Copper’s benefits were well documented in ancient civilizations and Ayurveda texts. Even today, stylish copper bottles are catching the attention of genZ. They are becoming well aware of the benefits of copper-infused water. A glass of copper water has become a health statement for many.

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Ancient science believes that copper water has a positive effect in reducing diabetes symptoms. There was a custom in India to drink water from a copper vessel or tamba bottle. Copper is an essential mineral for human health as it supports 50+ different enzyme functions. Diabetes patients frequently complain of skin issues, irritation, and delayed healing; in these cases, copper water can be beneficial. Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities make it an effective remedy for a variety of conditions, including wound healing, the production of red blood cells, and improved immune function. But the thing is, our bodies can't manufacture it on their own. So, we must try to get copper from external sources, especially from our food. Hence, there's nothing better than a daily glass of copper water from a pure tamba water bottle.

Along with the other vital minerals, copper is an important mineral for our body to perform well. And this fact was known to our ancestors. That’s why the custom of drinking a glass of water from a copper vessel was given importance. Copper-infused water addresses copper deficiency in our bodies. But only drinking water from copper water bottles is not enough to meet the body's daily needs. We know that there are traces of copper in such water. So, in addition to drinking water from copper bottles, maintaining a healthy diet rich in all the vital minerals, including copper is equally important. You can try other supplements like Health Drinks as well.

Water that has been kept in a copper vessel or copper bottle is known as copper water. This makes it possible for copper to enter the water in safe proportions. It works as an antibacterial agent, potentially eliminating bacteria that cause diarrhoea and other water-borne diseases. However, to get the best results, the water must be kept in a copper vessel for at least overnight and up to 48 hours. This indicates that portable Tamba or copper water bottles are probably the best option in this aspect.

Numerous variables, including temperature and the initial pH level, affect the rate and extent of alkalinization in copper water. However, obtaining alkaline water from a copper water bottle is as simple as adding drinking water to it and letting it spontaneously alkalize overnight. It will simply generate alkaline water in the copper bottle. The water will get more alkaline the longer it is kept in the copper vessel. Thus, using a pure copper water bottle is imperative in this regard.

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