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Best Lip Balm Brands in India 2024

Lip balm is one of the most often used cosmetics which functions to moisturize, relieve, and shield lips from drying out. Although it is extensively utilized and available in many forms, it has serious disadvantages. For instance, lip care with a chemical base can have negative effects as well as temporary hydration.

To mitigate these problems, we have brought unique lip balms that are completely made with herbal ingredients. These products are designed to be a long-lasting, herbal lip balm that contains SPF, hyaluronic acid, honey, and fruit extracts.

In India, several excellent lip balm brands come to lip care, meeting a range of demands and tastes. Among these, Amayra Naturals, BodyCafe, and Tvishi Handmade are some of the selections that provide moisturizing with extra glitz. The use of herbal ingredients like vitamin E and shea butter ensures that these lip balms give hydration with a gentle effect. Furthermore, the brands provide hydrating lip balms enhanced with SPF protection. So, to get soft and silky lips, stay with this blog till the end!

Lip Balm Brands in India

Lip balm is a portable solution that provides comfort and defense for dry, chapped lips. Because it is made with moisturizing components like vitamin E, shea butter, and beeswax, it seals in moisture, relieving irritation and halting more harm. It’s essential for regular lip care practices and comes in a variety of tastes and SPF choices.

Let’s try out these 5 well-known lip balm brands for utmost lip care.

1. Amayra Naturals

Amayra Naturals is an exquisitely rich lip treatment. Using a swipe of this opulent lip balm of Amayra Naturals, you can moisturize your dry lips at any time- anywhere. This product is an incredibly moisturizing concoction of watermelon, shea butter, and emollients that replenish and soften parched, dry lips. To get smooth and silky lips, you can apply the balm daily and to repair extremely chapped lips, apply a small amount as a lip mask for the entire night. 

Amayra Naturals uses all-natural components like citrullus lanatus seed oil, hydrogenated castor oil, seed butter, tocopheryl acetate, and citrus reticulata peel oil.

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2. BodyCafe

The lip balms from BodyCafe are specially designed to shield your lips from UV rays. These lip balms are a safe choice for you as they come in adorable packaging that you can take with you all day. You just have to use a tiny bit, spreading it out evenly across your lips. Your lips will become supple, smooth, moisturized, and healed from dryness over time. 

BodyCafe offers several lip balm variations like hazelnut, melon berry, vanilla, mango, coconut and more. All natural ingredients like mango, shea, cocoa butter, sea Buckthorn oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E are used in the preparation of these lip balms.

3. Tvishi Handmade

Tvishi Handmade’s lip balms exfoliate your lips and give a lovely pop to your smile by combining the sweetness of cocoa butter with sweet almond oil. The best part of these balms is that they not only leave your lips silky and smooth, but it tastes so good to lick them off.

Tvishi Handmade uses tiny sugar granules to gently remove dry and dead skin. It is packed with beeswax and soothing oils to maintain smooth, soft lips. You can apply this before applying lip colour, as it helps to show off pink and delicate lips.

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4. The Herb Boutique

The Herb Boutique is a brand that promises all lip balms are 100% natural. Your lips will become softer and healthier with the floral elements of this gentle nourishing balm. This flowery treat, which is a treasure trove of vitamins B-complex and D, entices the skin and senses and leaves you with gorgeous, smiling lips all day. Harmful ingredients like parabens, silicones, lead, DEA/TEA, phthalates, SLS/SLES, mineral oil, and petrolatum are all absent from these lip balms. Rather this lip balm is made with natural ingredients such as almond oil, wheat germ oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, castor oil, lotus extract, aloe vera, and pomegranate extract.

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5. Organic B

The flavors of Organic B lip balms are many such as mint, lavender and orange. The primary components of this balm include essential oil, shea butter, beeswax extracts, mulethi, chandan, kesar, manjistha, and haldi. The food-grade colours of the balm guarantee the best possible lip nourishment. This lip balm’s natural antioxidants help to heal lips that are dark and pigmented. This lip balm is designed specifically for lips that are highly pigmented and dry.

According to a 28-day research trial with 35 participants, this lip balm has been shown to increase lip moisturization by 90% and decrease pigmentation by 16.98% under dermatologist supervision. 


To end our note, we can say that the Indian market offers a range of choices for lip balms. The above-mentioned 5 brands ensure the quality of products that are made using all-natural ingredients. Every brand offers a different combination of components and advantages. Not only that, these brands have various flavours in their lip balm section. These best lip balm brands consistently aim to satisfy changing consumer demands by prioritizing quality, price, and innovation. So, keeping your lips softer and hydrated all day long becomes easy with these brands!


Lip balms are used to keep the lips healthy and revive the lips that have turned dry and chapped.

Of course! Wearing lip balm overnight helps to nourish your lips. As it gives the new skin cells an extra added layer of protection.

Lip balms made of natural ingredients like honey, mint, shea butter and other organically produced oils, can be safely applied on lips as many times as you want in a day.

The primary components of lip balms are jojoba oil, sunflower oil, shea butter, vitamin E, and beeswax. Other ingredients like lanolin, petroleum jelly, colours, and perfumes are also used additionally.

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