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Blog » Best Yoga Accessories Brands in India 2024

Best Yoga Accessories Brands in India 2024

Yoga accessories are used to improve the practice’s experiences and are available in India from several leading brands. It gives support, comfort, and alignment during the practice sessions. Yoga straps and blocks help to achieve appropriate alignment while mats provide support and cushioning for poses. To encourage deep breathing and relaxation, yoga belts offer mild support. Yoga towels help you stay upright during intense poses by absorbing sweat. Meditation cushions facilitate a comfortable sitting position and concentration. Accessory options serve a variety of benefits during yoga sessions.

But how to get the address of authentic brands for yoga accessories? To find this answer this blog will help you. We will name 5 amazing yoga accessories brands for those who love yoga and are looking for high-end accessories in India. These brands can be the greatest options because they represent authenticity, quality, and sustainability.

Yoga Accessories Brands in India

For the utmost comfort during yoga sessions, you can check out India’s leading brands that are enlisted at Orgo All-Natural. These brands provide high-quality goods to support your body in yoga poses. See environmentally friendly solutions from brands like Kosha Yoga and Dvaar, who are renowned for their long-lasting mats made with renewable materials. Look no further than Almitra Sustainables and OnEarth for fashionable accessories that don’t sacrifice functionality for style. These leading brands will make your yoga experience by providing the ideal balance of functionality and style.

Discover the top Indian brands of yoga accessories right below:

1. Kosha Yoga

Yoga accessories from Kosha Yoga are well-known for providing comfort and durability to practitioners of all skill levels. With everything from eco-friendly yoga mats to yoga clothes, Kosha Yoga makes sure that practitioners have all they need for a satisfying yoga practice. Their products are made using premium materials and promote harmony with the environment. Kosha Yoga’s products are designed to combine style and functionality with a focus on improving mindfulness. This allows practitioners to enhance their practice and adopt a holistic approach to health and wellness.

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2. Almitra Sustainables

In the market of yoga accessories, Almitra Sustainables is a shining example. This brand sells a wide variety of environmentally friendly goods, such as straps, mats, blocks, and more, all of which are made with an emphasis on reducing their negative effects on the environment. Also, Almitra Sustainables promotes mindful consumption among yoga practitioners. Their commitment to sustainability reflects a holistic approach to wellness that appeals to people who are seeking harmony- both within themselves and with the planet.

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3. OnEarth

Eco-friendly yoga gear is the specialty of OnEarth, an innovative brand. Known for its eco-friendly philosophy, the company crafts its products using cork, a biodegradable and renewable material. OnEarth provides a wide selection of premium products, such as straps, blocks, and yoga mats, that are made to maximize the experiences of users. Their products are designed to be suitable for both beginning and experienced yogis. OnEarth is a pioneer in providing ethical yoga gear for people who want to balance their practice and their environmental impact.

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4. Dvaar

Dvaar’s collection of yoga accessories emphasizes the spirit of peace and harmony. Dvaar yoga goods are meant to improve yoga practice. This brand skillfully blends practicality and style, from yoga mats to other yoga props. Every piece of equipment has been made to improve alignment and comfort, encouraging mindfulness and well-being during every practice session. Dvaar, with its emphasis on an approach to well-being, extends an invitation to practitioners to be involved in the process of self-discovery and inner harmony through yoga basics.

5. Boldfit

Boldfit is well known for offering yoga accessories to suit the needs of practitioners of all skills. Boldfit guarantees that practitioners can confidently improve their practice with a range of products. These include supportive yoga blocks, straps, and yoga mats. Their items are stylish and functional. Boldfit prioritizes sustainability in all of its products and uses eco-friendly materials to ensure quality. You can put your faith in Boldfit to improve your yoga practice one conscious breath at a time.

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In the end, there are many different brands available in the Indian yoga accessory industry. These brands meet a wide range of demands and tastes. Prominent brands such as Kosha Yoga, Almitra Sustainables, and OnEarth emphasized comfort and durability. In India, practitioners can fully reap the advantages of yoga accessories and improve their practice by investing in premium equipment from reliable brands.


Some most used yoga accessories are- blocks, belts, mats, bolsters, and straps.

Standard yoga mats are often made of PVC. Also, natural and recycled rubber, jute, and organic or natural cotton are used.

A yoga mat is the basic piece that you need for yoga.

The idea of using a cloth yoga strap or belt to fix one's body in a posture is almost two thousand years old. In Sanskrit literature, this ancient prop was known as the Yogapatta.

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