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The Healing Benefits of Raw Honey: A Comprehensive Guide

For centuries, pure honey has delighted our taste buds. It does not only serve as a taste enhancer of foods but also a treasure of many health benefits! If you dig into our ancient texts, you will find that organic honey does possess an exotic seat for serving many health benefits. From culinary usage to curing wounds, pure honey has a 360-degree usage, both in ancient and modern times!

Here, one should note that not all honey is that health-effective. Today’s honey market is spoiled with adulteration. So, how to find that authentic one? Don’t worry! Raw honey can be your saviour. Raw honey is a natural sweetener, but different from regular honey in many aspects.

At Orgo All-Natural, we were just as curious as you about how raw honey is different from regular honey. We have sought a whole lot of information about raw honey, which is mentioned in this blog. We are going to cover all the pure honey benefits. To get all the information about the best honey for you, please scroll it down!

What is Raw Honey?

Raw honey refers to bee honey in its purest form. It is produced by the bees from the nectar of various flowers. But what makes raw honey different from other regular honey? Raw honey is the honey that has not been boiled or pasteurized. It also indicates that it hasn’t been finely filtered to remove pollen and air bubbles, nor has it been thinned with corn syrup, sugar, or any other substance to affect the flavour. Raw honey naturally retains all enzymes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The only processing done to raw honey is a mild filtration to get rid of dirt and bits of honeycomb. In essence, raw honey is the closest thing to a beehive that you can find.

How is Raw Honey procured?

What makes raw honey unique is its process of procurement. This process retains all the natural raw honey benefits. Raw honey is procured by using an antiquated style of beekeeping. First of all, it needs to look for a good habitat for honeybees, such as a forest or a farm where they can live comfortably, gather nectar from flowers with ease, and return to their beehives. From there, they can make honey in their beehives using the nectar they have collected or stored. Bees keep this raw, unadulterated honey in hives. From here, raw honey is collected and goes through minimal processing to remove the dirt. Raw honey is transparent and can be preserved in airtight jars in a cool, dry, and dark environment for times long.

How to Identify Raw Honey?

We know, like Ghee, honey is another product that gets mass adultered. But there are some methods, with which you can check the purity of honey.

  • Start with the water test, it is a simple way to determine how pure the honey is. You just have to stir one tablespoon of honey in a glass of water. Pure honey will not dissolve easily; instead, it will bunch together and settle at the bottom. If it dissolves readily and mixes evenly with the water, this could be a sign of adulteration.
  • Another simple technique is the paper towel test. Put a tiny droplet of raw honey on a paper towel. Pure honey won’t soak quickly and won’t leave a noticeable wet stain. If it absorbs the honey quickly, it may be a sign of adulteration.
  • The next one is a heat test. In which a small amount of honey is heated gradually. When pure honey caramelizes, it turns golden and releases a sweet scent. On the other hand, impure or contaminated honey may release a bad smell when it is burned.
  • The vinegar test is another simple way. Since pure honey is inherently acidic, it will not react easily with vinegar. When honey and vinegar are combined, foaming indicates contaminants, potentially from additional sugar or water.

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Benefits of Raw Honey

Raw honey, directly extracted from the honeycomb, offers several health benefits. Regular processing of honey may eliminate some of its beneficial components, such as antioxidants and bee pollen. But raw honey has everything in it. According to research, raw honey has quality effects on health. Raw honey is such a kind of organic honey that there are no extra sweeteners in it. Here, we have enlisted some raw honey benefits.

1. An antioxidant agent.

Two types of antioxidants, i.e., flavonoids and phenolic compounds are present in raw honey. These types of antioxidants are also present in Tea.

These antioxidants assist in shielding your body from free radical-induced cell damage. Free radicals cause premature aging. They might also raise your chance of developing long-term illnesses including cancer and heart disease. Honey’s polyphenols, especially those found in raw honey may help to prevent heart diseases. This is another health benefit of honey that makes it desirable. Honey is a healthier substitute for sugar if you’re craving something sweet but still want to include more antioxidants in your diet.

2. Relieves from cold and coughing.

One purpose for adding pure honey to your diet is to reduce the chances of cold and coughing. It has also been used as a treatment for sore throats. The next time you have a cold or cough, try to have some honey in hot tea along with tulsi powder. According to a study, honey works just as well as dextromethorphan, a component in many over-the-counter cough medications, for curing coughs. Using a spoon, you can also consume one or two teaspoons of raw honey in the morning as the first thing or spread it over your breakfast bread! Organic honey is great for baking and eating because of its mild flavour. Enjoy Raw Honey benefits with Orgo All-Natural, Order now!

3. Benefits of phytonutrients.

Phytonutrients present in various plants aid in the defense of the plant. They protect plants from harmful UV rays and keep them safe from pests and diseases. These substances offer anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. And when the bees collect nectar from such plants, it gets stored in the honey. If you intake the raw honey, collected directly from the honeycomb, your health may benefit from them as well. Only raw honey has these important elements, which are collected with extensive processing.

4. Raw honey is used as a skin treatment.

Throughout history, honey has been used to treat skin sores and heal skin ailments. Skin care is one of the effective benefits of raw honey. These days, cosmetics products also use it as a key component. According to various studies, raw honey eliminates hazardous fungi and bacteria. It naturally includes the antibacterial hydrogen peroxide. Even by applying a normal home face pack with pure honey and turmeric, you can get glowy skin!

5. Makes you free from digestive problems.

Raw honey has long been used to heal digestive problems like ulcers and diarrhea. In the digestive tract or stomach, peptic ulcers can develop. On an empty stomach, taking one or two teaspoons of raw honey is supposed to reduce discomfort and aid in the healing process. Though It is not advised to treat the entire ulcer with raw honey, it can speed up your healing process.

6. Good for brain health.

Raw honey may even have some cognitive benefits. Polyphenols present in raw organic honey help our brain to combat inflammation. The benefits of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds help the brain and other regions of our body.

7. Honey heals injuries!

According to research, honey possesses antibacterial qualities. Raw honey may improve health in terms of microbial suppression and wound healing. Remember that raw honey has been long utilized in Ayurveda and traditional medication as a healing agent. Applying store-bought honey to cuts is not a smart idea, only raw honey can give you optimum results. You can consult with your physician before applying raw honey for any kind of medical condition or serious wounds.

8. Antifungal and antibacterial quality.

According to research, propolis present in raw honey, possesses antibacterial and antifungal qualities. Raw honey has a great deal of potential applications in both internal and external medicine. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of pure honey vary depending on the kind of honey it is. However, raw honey is always safe to use in this regard.

9. A nutrient powerhouse!

Raw honey makes our body more healthy and helps us to grow more resistant. You can get an improved immune system that functions properly with a daily dose of organic honey. The minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and even antioxidants the body needs to stay healthy are all found in raw honey. It also possesses potent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities. When consumed raw honey regularly and in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, it may strengthen immunity.

10. Get a healthy weight loss with honey.

Yes, pure honey is sweet, and it does contain some calories. But still, it has some pure honey benefits. It aids in controlling weight loss. Wondering how? It can greatly lower your total calorie consumption and take the place of table sugar. Honey is remarkably effective in decreasing inches as well as weight when eaten with warm water and lemon.

Types of raw honey

We know that the raw honey is derived from the beehives directly. The pure honey is produced from the nectar of various flowers. But not always the nectar is sourced from the same flower. As a result, the quality of raw honey depends on the nectar source. As the nectar is collected from different sources, the nutritional content, color and taste also differ in various types of honey. Here we present some raw honey variations below:

1. Eucalyptus honey

Eucalyptus honey is considered as one of the greatest kinds of raw honey on the market. However, it is not always readily available in the market because of the plant’s rarity. But you can order eucalyptus honey in our online store, Orgo All-Natural. It is a good source to boost your health.

2. Alfalfa honey

This honey is derived from the delicious nectar extracted from alfalfa flowers. It is regarded as the best honey for its prebiotic components, as it is present in larger quantities. The other name of alfalfa honey is Lucerne.

3. Acacia honey

Acacia honey is another important kind of honey in the market. It has a global fanbase. It comes from beehives, where the bees gather nectar from the acacia flowers, eat on the blooms, and process them into honey.

4. Clover honey

Clover honey is extracted from the clove plant. It has several nutritional and physiological advantages. The phenolic antioxidants and several natural peptides shield you from species of Bacillus and pseudomonas. Organic Honey goes well with chia seeds, you can have this combo with lukewarm water in the morning!

Is raw honey best for health?

Raw honey is often considered as a healthier substitute for processed honey and table sugar. This is because it keeps more of its natural nutrients, enzymes, and antioxidants than processed honey. It is frequently used for being healthier. Raw honey works well to relieve sore throats and acts as a natural cough suppressant. It does possess many other health advantages. But one should not forget that, still it contains a lot of sugar. So, moderation is key to using raw honey. Check out our Honey list to order the best honey for you and your family!


Raw honey stands as a natural treasure trove of many health advantages, ranging from antioxidant capabilities to helping brain function. Its original state, which retains all of the essential enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, is what gives it its authenticity. But it’s critical to distinguish pure honey from adulterated market honey varieties. However, one can verify the purity of raw honey by performing some easy tests. Although raw honey can be a healthier substitute for artificial sweeteners and refined sugar, moderation is essential, particularly for those who are taking care of medical illnesses such as diabetes.


In certain aspects, raw honey might be regarded as a healthier substitute for table sugar and artificial sweeteners. Unlike refined sugar which contains no amount of vitamins and minerals, raw honey has trace amounts of these nutrients. Though it contains a good amount of calories, moderation is advised. Furthermore, raw honey causes blood sugar spikes, so it should be used with caution, especially by those who have diabetes or insulin resistance. Therefore, before taking raw honey or any kind of bee honey, you should consult a health expert.

Raw honey price is mainly affected by a few factors like demand, location, and the time of year it gets collected. Sometimes raw honey is rare and therefore becomes more expensive, particularly if it comes from a particular area or has special characteristics. But why worry? Orgo All-Natural is there to provide you with the best honey. Check out our list of Pure Honey Prices now!

Yes, reducing weight is possible with organic honey and lukewarm water. The raw honey benefits the body by eliminating visceral fat and cholesterol. It speeds up the weight loss process when combined with exercise, a sugar-free diet, and a balanced diet. You can toss Makhana in honey, and enjoy it as an evening snack!

Since raw honey isn't filtered until right before bottling, the majority of its healthy nutrients and antioxidants are still present in it. On the other hand, regular honey might go through several processing steps that could eliminate important components like pollen and lower its antioxidant content.

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