Spruce Gel Coconut shell-terracotta clay-aroma diffuser, room freshener- peppermint fragrance


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  • Derived from natural and eco-friendly ingredients, this porous terracotta clay-based diffuser works great for small spaces near desktop, laundry room, yoga space, study room, bedroom etc.
  • The diffuser does not require any heating or electricity and works under the principle of passive diffusion.


The highly porous surface texture allows for the trapping of added essential oils or fragrance oils which then lets the oil diffuse slowly onto the surrounding environment.
How to use the diffuser? Just add a few drops on the top surface of the diffuser and let the aroma magic begin.

You may add your favorite essential oil as and when needed after complete drying of any previous oils that are added.


Key Ingredients:

  • Terracotta clay, ceramics, gypsum, and other silicate materials are encased in natural coconut shells.
  • Sampling essential oil is included for the initial aroma experience. Cork pads/coasters are provided to protect the surface furniture.
  • A jute linen pouch is also included for handling the diffuser in closet spaces.


Key Benefits:
1. Soothing aroma experience
2. No heating or electricity is needed
3. Easy to carry and thus travel-friendly
4. The diffuser is a reusable item
5. Eco-friendly and environmentally safer materials.

Additional information

Weight 250 g


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