Two Brothers Barnyard Millet 1kg



  • If you are looking to add more millets to your diet, try out Barnyard Millet.
  • Barnyard millet has a sweet, nutty flavour, and is easy to cook with different spices. Apart from being delicious, Barnyard millet benefits heart and kidney health.
  • The presence of a high amount of fibre, iron, and phosphorus in Barnyard millet is helpful in controlling blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. It has gained more popularity in the Sattvic movement to embrace native gains that are good for both humans and the environment.
  • Barnyard millet is a hardy crop that is drought-resistant, low maintenance, and packed with nutrients. Let’s see more of its nutrients to understand how Barnyard millet benefits different aspects of our life.
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5 Barnyard Millet Benefits

  1. Barnyard millet benefits in controlling diabetes.
  2. Barnyard millet benefits people with heart condition.
  3. Barnyard millet fights anaemia.
  4. Barnyard millet benefits skin and hair health.
  5. Barnyard millet benefits by helping manage gastrointestinal disorders.

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