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Two Brothers Full Moon Cultured Ghee, Desi Gir Cow

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This ghee is prepared during the full moon.  Only 12 small batches are prepared throughout the year, using the milk of free-grazed, indigenous breed Gir Cows.


The gravitational pull of the moon during the waxing phase of the moon is heightened during the Full Moon. Making ghee during the Full Moon is considered auspicious due to this powerful forward-moving energy of the Moon. It is believed to enhance the existing nutritional properties of the Ghee. Ayurveda attributes great significance to Ghee prepared during the full moon.



The energy fields caused by the change in vibrations of the waxing moon are thought to have a positive effect on the molecular level.

Ghee made during this time offers an enhanced level of nutrition.

The lunar energies during this period are thought to calm the mind  and the nervous system.

Full moon ghee is beneficial in adding strength to the physique

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500ml, 1000ml


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