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Gudmom Organic Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil 1 Kg

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1) Sunflower oil is organic certified as well as cold pressed. Starting from seed to its final product, everything is organically sourced, manufactured and packed as per the standards. This product is considered an ‘essential’ culinary oil in your kitchen. Straight from the farm, delivered to your kitchen

2) Contains essential fatty acids and is low in saturated fats – naturally cholesterol & sodium free. It is a Source of Vitamins A, D and E and is healthier than other oils for the heart

3) Cooking ANY dish is made more delicious and healthy by using Sunflower oil. It can even be used on your skin for it’s purifying quality

4) Free from Preservatives ,Free from Additives ,Free from Pesticides We at Gudmom directly sources it from a natural farmer, one that prides itself on growing organic made using traditional methods cultivated by tribals. In a market where there are plenty of cheap alternatives and knock-off varieties are available, Gudmom is the most authentic you can get. In addition, the fair prices we pay to our suppliers.

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