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Ecotyl Organic Chana Jor – 200 g

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Spicy Gram Flakes is an appetizing mix of roasted chana and spices. Taste and health – have the best of both worlds with this nutritious and savoury snack. Our gram flakes is a versatile snacking option that keeps you full and also serves as a perfect evening supper or a binge-eating food. What’s more? It is a low-calorie and protein-rich snack.

Health Benefits Of Ecotyl Spicy Gram Flakes:
– A high-fiber and protein-rich snack, you can use this snack to fuel your energy levels and build those strong muscles.

– It is a healthy treat for people looking to shed those extra kilos. Low in calories, zero trans fat, and high in nutrients, it can curb your hunger pangs and make you feel full for long.

– A spoonful of this snack can help you regulate blood pressure levels in your body.

– With no cholesterol and trans fat, it is good for your heart.

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