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Ecotyl Organic Black Pepper Powder – 80 g

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Made from the finest peppercorns sourced from Kerala, Ecotyl’s Black Pepper Powder is a nutritious spice that adds an extra zing to your dishes. The rich flavour, pungency, and nutritional value of this spice make it a one-of-a-kind addition to your gourmet. A pinch of this spice contains essential nutrients like iron, Vitamin K, flavonoids, protein, manganese, and much more. It is carefully processed to ensure optimal freshness and natural taste.

Health Benefits Of Ecotyl Black Pepper Powder :
– Black pepper, when consumed daily, will improve your digestion by stimulating hydrochloric acid present in your stomach. It also helps in reducing discomfort due to gas.

– As black pepper is a rich source of calcium and manganese, including Ecotyl’s black pepper in your dishes improves bone health and reduces joint pain.

– These fantastic benefits extend to skin and hair health as well. Consumption of black pepper in your daily diet will help to reduce acne and pigmentation.

– A rich source of piperine, black pepper boosts your metabolism and reduces the accumulation of fat in your body.


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