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shistaka Detox wellness Herbal Tea

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Detox Wellness combo 


Helps to sleep
Works as a blood purifier
Helpful in digestion and overall detoxification
Fresh the moods
Cool the mind
Helpful in blood pressure

*Organic Tulsi Leaf ( Ocimum sanctum ) 65.00%
*Organic Green Tea ( Camellia sinesis ) 15.00%
*Organic Ginger ( Zingiber offcinale ) 14.00%
*Organic Giloy ( Tinospora cordifolia ) 3.00%
*Organic Neem ( Azadirachta indica ) 3.00%

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In today’s world, everyone is busy hustling for their goals and aspirations. Amidst all the hard work stress and bad eating habits can lead to various health problems. We bring to you an easy solution. Drinking a cup of Shistaka detox tea in the morning can help you get rid of the toxins.

Our liver and kidney are responsible for getting rid of waste in our body but sometimes it can have a hard time removing things added to food that are unnecessary like food coloring, preservatives, or pesticides. The Shistaka Green tea is the best detox tea for it helps clean out the liver and kidneys, flushing out those toxins.

Thanks to herbal ingredients like Ginger, which helps fight off infections, helps in digestion and nausea. Tulsi, which is known for boosting immunity, healing infections, and purifying the blood. And Giloy, known for its antioxidant, anti-aging and anti-diabetic properties, Shistaka herbal detox tea is the perfect way of preventing toxin overload while strengthening the immune system.


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