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D-alive Masala Soda Instant Drink Premix (Sugar-Free, Organic)

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This All-Natural Masala Soda is sweet, salty, savory and a bit funky all at once. The spice mix with roasted cumin that is a great way to settle an uneasy stomach, especially after a large meal.


1. Tasty but healthy instant drink premix

2. Sweetened with low carb natural sugar alternatives, no gluten

3. 100% natural and made with organic ingredients

4. Rich in antioxidants which fights & prevents chronic diseases

5. May prevent food borne diseases 6. Improves insulin sensitivity

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Masala Soda Instant Drink Premix (Sugar-Free, Organic, Ultra-Low GI, Vegan, Diabetes and Keto-Friendly, No Emulsifier Antioxidant and Tasty) -110g


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