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Indus Hemp 100% Natural Hemp Hearts

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Per 30gms (3 tablespoons)
Protein 10g
12g Omegas 3 & 6

Vegan & Gluten-free.

Contains essential nutrients such as Riboflavin, Fibre, Magnesium, Manganese, Thiamine (Vitamin B1), Phosphorus, Zinc, Iron, and Copper which are all important nutrients.
The most nutritious and soft section of the hemp seed is revealed when it is shelled: The Heart. Hemp Hearts are a complete source of high protein, minerals & a perfect balance of Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) – 3:1 ratio of Omegas 6 & 3, very rate in the plant kingdom.

Ingredients: Hulled Hemp seeds
Shelf life: 12 months from the date of manufacturer.

Nutritional Benefits:

  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Good for Hair & Nails
  • Improves Skin Disorders
  • Improves Brain Function
  • Loaded with Antioxidants
  • Aids In Digestion & Healthy Gut
  • Relieves Constipation
  • Helps in Weight Management
  • Stimulates Good Metabolism

Hemp Hearts are best consumed raw and are ready to eat straight out of the bag and have a nutty flavour.
Indus Hemp Hearts are hulled from fresh, high-quality Indian grown whole hemp seeds.
Sprinkle Hemp Hearts over Salads, Yoghurt, or puree them into Smoothies or Hemp Milk, or add them to a morning breakfast bowl like Oat meal or Porridge, or even a lunch bowl like Dals, Sabzis or Khichdi.
They’ll be a pantry staple before you know it!


Storage Instructions:

  • Keep cool and dry, away from direct sunlight.
  • After opening, keep refrigerated.

No Known Allergens

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