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Dvaar Digvijaya – The Banana Fiber Yoga Mat

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This Yoga mat is a victory in all directions like its name in Sanskrit. It is woven from Banana fibre and cotton.

Banana fibre is generated from the banana stem that has already borne fruit and is usually discarded as waste or fed to cattle. The fibres extracted from the stem are strong, durable, and have a nice sheen to them.

Many people term it vegan silk. It is hypoallergenic, which means it causes no allergic reactions. These fibres are woven with cotton to give your mat a good texture and a rubberised back for good grip essential for your workout practice. From a waste residue to being a product of immense value, the journey of this mat is inspiring.

These mats are washable by hand and 100% biodegradable.


Size: Length : 74 inches & Breadth : 27 inches

Thickness: 3 mm

Weight: 1450 gms

Material: 100% natural Banana fibre, cotton, and rubber. No PVC or harmful chemicals.

How to clean: Handwash them with mild detergents and dry them in the sun.

Ideal: Easy to moderate practice

Care instructions: Keep it in a dry and aerated place. During the rainy season and humid weather, make sure it is well aerated to prevent mould. You can expose the mat to the sun from time to time.

Strap: It comes with a strong strap for tying and carrying the mat.

Sustainability Quotient: Biodegradable. Handwoven by local artisans and made with banana plants and cotton fibres, making it an eco-friendly and sustainable product.

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Weight 1400 g


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