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Almitra Sustainables Bamboo Bristle Toothbrush & Copper Tongue Cleaner

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Ergonomically designed to keep up with your oral hygiene our Bamboo toothbrush is a take on eliminating the use of plastic toothbrush which has done more harm than good to our environment.

Made completely of Bamboo which has anti-microbial properties that means you don’t have to worry about bacteria’s feeding on your toothbrush, this bamboo toothbrush is plant-based and compostable.

– FDA approved.

Care – Dry it after each use and let it get some air, so store it in a well ventilated space. Chang after every two months

*Copper Tongue Cleaner

Your Oral health is manifested from your Tongue. The perks of using a Tongue Cleaner


2) With bacteria’s out of the way, tongue gets a better SENSE OF TASTE.


Care – Wash it with warm water, dry and store it in dry area.

Packaging – We ensure that all our packaging is Eco-friendly

2 * Bamboo Toothbrushes
2 * Copper Tongue Cleaners

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Weight 105 g


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